James Georgopoulos





James Georgopoulos
Born Manchester, NH
Lives and Works in Los Angeles, CA

James Georgopoulos works with painting, sculpture, and installation to address a relationship between highly skilled production techniques, pop culture, and taboo iconography.

In his paintings, Georgopoulos employs an assortment of subject matter, including guns used in blockbuster action films, cameras used to film classics, glossy automobile finishes, pornographic abstraction, and sexuality in art history to scrupulously tackle issues of copyright protection, censorship, and the highly designed objects used in the creation of popular culture.

Working out of a Venice California studio, Georgopoulos’ work fits neatly in a long tradition of Southern California artists. His paintings achieve the cool, super flat, transparent texture of the automobile-obsessed Finish Fetish artists of the 1960s such as Larry Bell, Billy Al Bengston, and Craig Kaufman, while his work with pornographic images—which, despite his tendency to use organic pixilated techniques, have been banned from galleries—calls to mind the controversial pieces that landed Wallace Berman in jail in the 1960s.

Using techniques that conflate the artist’s intention, Georgopoulos has been able to consistently work with imagery that is generally considered off-limits. His work with weaponry, film, automobiles, and pornography is less a product of “bad boy”-ism, and more an exploration into male identity, and a self-inquiry into the reasons these objects and subjects are charged with the historical residue they contain.

Identity also plays a role in Georgopoulos’ latest body of work, a series of sculptural retellings of Greek mythologies. This series contains works that are highly technical, utilizing found industrial elements to create idols of Greek gods, which serves to continue his exploration into post-industrial ideas of manufacture and mythmaking. He is also currently developing a series of video installations housed in shaped automobile frames.

Georgopoulos has been featured in several publications including Bullett Magazine, Treats Magazine, and LA Weekly. He has exhibited internationally, including a solo exhibition at Photo L.A. 2014. He was included in Phillips de Pury’s contemporary sale in 2012, and was featured as the artist of honor in 2012 at the Art of Elysium Fifth Annual Heaven Gala. His work is in notable collections around the world.