Julio Labra

Tepid, 2015Straight Shooter (Hunters), 2015Synthesizer (Woman playing keyboard), 2015Kentucky Knight (Guy riding toy horse), 2015R abbit Tamer (Old Man with missing arm), 2015Tima (Girl on rock with kites), 2015Eli's Choice (Girl with Blanket), 2015


Lives and works in Southern California. His paintings and drawings begin as invention in his sketchbooks. Creating ambiguous narratives out of his imagination and not working from a physical reference has allowed him to be more intuitive about his subject matter. The subconscious and conscious mind interacting and inventing together. He is constantly juggling the control of the conscious thought with the unconscious reaction, creating a process that is both dictatorial and liberating. The finished results are whimsical narratives that are ambiguous and introspective.