Michael Harnish

Andrew, 2015Flower Arrangement, 2015Garden Roses, 2015Small Roses, 2015


is a southern Californian native painter. The images depict the people and places of his life, which serve as a visual memoir of his existence. The pictures often depict subtle “in between” moments of life rather than expected heightened shock or drama. He elevates the mundane and overlooked moments of life. Michael aims to enhance the viewers’ perception of the beauty of the visual experience by painting and elevating these tender moments.  He creates oddities and unexpected painting techniques that define a unique creative vision.

The portrait of Andrew Dryden documents a slightly skewed uneasy angle of the artists’ friend shown seated in his Los Angeles studio. The image explores both a lineage with western formal portraiture as well as new expressionistic techniques in oil paint language. The blurred and defined applications of paint in the portrait create new visual paths, which draw the viewer into a new form of pictorial space.