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Oct. 29, 2013 - COSTA MESA, Calif. – This November, Dax Gallery (http://www.daxgallery.com) a 4,500 square foot progressive new art gallery that showcases contemportary “urban fine art,” will open in one of Orange County’s hippest enclaves, Costa Mesa’s Lab Anti-Mall & Camp district.   With its first show featuring artists who have never before shown in Orange County, Dax Gallery founders Alex Amador and Chris Kane aspire to introduce a taste of the street art movement that pervades cultural neighborhoods of San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York to an entirely new audience.  Slated to open its doors on November 7, Dax Gallery is located at 2951 Randolph Street in Costa Mesa.

Artists scheduled to show in Dax Gallery’s innagural exhibit For Love of Dreams: Romancing Evolutioninclude: Meggs, Richard Oliver, Charmain Olivia, Cryptik, Kmndz, Annie Preece, James Haunt, Gregory Siff, Nick Flatt, Axis, Fab Ciraolo, David Flores, Canlove, Muska, Rocket01, David Donald Sutherland, James Georgopoulus, Hense, Zio Ziegler, Jeff Logan, Greg Gossel, Aleah Lauren, ELLE, Emil Olsson, Gianni Arone, Knowledge Bennett, I Believe, Canlove, and pces.

Dax Gallery is the creative channel of Alex Amador, a young entreprenur known well among Orange County’s surf and skate industry as managing partner of Massive Inc., one of the largest screen printing companies in the country.  An avid collector of urban street art, Alex found himself visiting Los Angeles galleries several times a week in search of up-and-coming young artists.  It was in the L.A. art scene that he connected with Chris Kane, owner of Tarheel Art Management, a full-service artist representation and brokering firm.  With a shared passion for non-traditional expressionist urban art, the two decided to bring their vision of a different kind of art gallery to Orange County.

“There is something incredibly amazing about how selecting and purchasing art defines your personal aesthetic and individuality.  My dream is to inspire a deep appreciation for unconventional street art in Orange County, where this type of art is not seen every day.  Hopefully, this will creatively inspire OC’s young artists to push the envelope with raw and edgy art,” said Alex Amador, Owner of Dax Gallery.   “One of my goals will be to work with local schools and charities to educate kids about art, showcase art from local high students, and do everything I can to promote art among Orange County’s youth.”

Kane’s deep connections to the urban art movement allowed him to secure some of the most internationally recognized graffiti and unconventional urban artists for Dax Gallery’s first shows.

“I am very excited to bring my passion for urban street art to Orange County. Dax Gallery will be a perfect platform for artists to share their vision with a new audience. We hope to cater to those who come from more cultural cities outside of Orange County, as well as those who have been living here for decades and crave something different.”

In addition to featuring new artists every six weeks, Dax Gallery offers art brokerage services, linking sellers and buyers locally and internationally to original high-end artwork.  Dax Gallery can secure some of the world’s most respected artists such as Warhol, Basquiat, Hirst, Rothko, Banksy, and more. The gallery’s brokering services will bring world-renowned artwork to Orange County directly from New York, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, London, and other art capitols across the globe.

From the second you enter Dax Gallery it is clear that the artists featured in the gallery are byproducts of 21st-century American culture.  Whether it’s the graffitied exterior, bold Warhol-esque graphics, or an artfully nude high-fashion photo, all artists featured at Dax Gallery have strong passions for expressing today’s colorful culture through various art forms.

Dax Gallery, located at 2951 Randolph Street, Costa Mesa officially opens to the public on Thursday, November 7. Hours of operation are Tuesday – Saturday, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. To schedule a private viewing, please email dax@boltpr.com.

For more information on Dax Gallery, please visit www.daxgallery.comhttps://www.facebook.com/daxgalleryart and follow @daxgallery on Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/daxgallery).

About Dax Gallery

Dax Gallery is the first art gallery to bring “fine urban street art” to Orange County.  The 4,500 square foot gallery located in the heart of Costa Mesa’s hipster district was founded by two young entrepreneurs, Alex Dax Amador and Chris Kane, who share a passion for progressive, raw, edgy street art from graffiti to oil paintings, fashion photography and mixed-medium creations.  Dax Gallery showcases the talent of urban street artists from all over the world who have previously never exhibited in Orange County. In addition to featuring new artists every six weeks, Dax Gallery offers art brokerage services, linking sellers and buyers locally and internationally to original high-end artwork by some of the world’s most respected artists.

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