Dax Gallery presents “PRISON ART” by Assif Assefi (blisssmag.com)

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PRISON ART is a collection of works by Orange County-based abstract artist Assif Assefi produced during his 16-month incarceration in a federal detention center. Born in Afghanistan and living and working in the US since the 1980′s, Assefi was arrested in 2011 for drug possession after a long period of substance abuse. In prison Assefi became a prolific and dedicated artist, bartering for commissary bags, toothpaste, pencils and coffee grounds to create his work. The result is a subtle yet compelling collection of images that tell a story of personal transformation alongside the formidable challenges of prison. Connecting personal experiences with larger themes on the human condition,

PRISON ART examines social injustice, racism, freedom, violence and substance abuse through the eyes of an Afghani citizen and US federal prisoner. The exhibition at DAX Gallery marks the first time this personal and powerful collection of work will be shown to the public. The artist specifically sought to debut his work in Orange County where he was arrested and imprisoned. In a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world PRISON ART demonstrates the redemptive power of art, hope, and survival of the creative spirit.

The show will run until August 23rd.

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