kazuhiro tsuji’s larger-than-life hyperrealistic 3D portrait of abraham lincoln



kazuhiro tsuji’s larger-than-life 3D portrait of abraham lincoln
all images courtesy of kazuhiro tsuji

kazuhiro tsuji: portrait of abraham lincoln
DAX gallery, costa mesa
now through july 25, 2015

following a 25-year-career as a special effects makeup artist in hollywood, california, japanese creative kazuhiro tsuji decidedly shifted focus, dedicating himself completely to the fine arts.

his series of hyper-realistic portrait sculptures comprise resin, platinum silicone, and many other materials in the creation of three-dimensional figures, spanning a scale more than two times the normal human proportions. from now until july 25, 2015, DAX gallery in costa mesa presents ‘portrait of abraham lincoln’, a larger-than-life-sized bust of the former american president that amazes viewers with its incredibly detailed facial characteristics and realistic qualities.


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