“Like Father Like Son” Photographers Eriberto and Estevan Oriol Exhibit at Dax Gallery This Saturday (ocweekly.com)


There was always something about Estevan Oriol’s portraits of Los Angeles gang members that mesmerized the eye; a combination of a direct, knowing gaze towards the viewer, the starkness of black and white, and hard shadows that underlined the tough exteriors of his subjects. He and father Eriberto Oriol, a photographer and painter, are both cut from the same cloth; while Estevan documents the lives of inner city gang members, Eriberto has documented graffiti and street art, as well as the urban expanse of Los Angeles.

Both artists have curated their work into a traveling art show that has made hits in both LA and New York in a show called “Like Father Like Son.” Joining together some of their most iconic works, from the elder Oriol’s abstract paintings and photo prints to Estevan’s infamous gang portraits, the show comes to Costa Mesa’s Dax Gallery this Saturday, with both artists in tow to sign prints as well as Estevan signing his latest book release LA Portraits.

I spoke with both artists on their art and was surprised by the differences between their practices; from Estevan’s purist stance on analog film to Eriberto’s history of activism; both artists’ paths and styles are deviations from each other but are suitably cohesive works of two like-minded artists from different generations. Presented here is a compilation of both their interviews…

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