Mike Miller’s Photography Captures ’90s Hip-Hop and Lowrider Culture to the Fullest



He’s captured notable LA rap figures like Tupac Shakur, Coolio, Snoop Dogg, and Eazy E; album covers, lowriders, and fashion models, all with a breathtaking flair and energy that espouses west coast/Los Angeles culture. Known as a true originator, Mike Miller developed his own particular brand of photography in the late ’80s and ’90s while his subjects would emerge as legendary artists with their own mythos further sealed by Miller’s sharp black and white shots.

You’d be hard pressed to remember another photographer whose work was more rampant on notable rap album covers than Miller’s, and for the discerning fan hoping to see his photos brought together, head down to Costa Mesa’s Dax Gallery where a major sampling of Miller’s work will be on display starting this weekend.

“Love West Coast” highlight’s Miller’s career, arranging a major sampling of his work covering West Coast rappers from the ’90s, as well as elements of LA culture such as cars, skateboards, Hollywood, tattoos and– of course– women. Co-curated by Dax Gallery owner Alex Amador, the exhibition is a then and now of LA cool, with Miller’s photographic eye firmly capturing what makes the city so great.

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