Hip hop fans may not know his name but photographer Mike Miller is every bit as important to the art as many of their favorite artists. From the iconic shot of Tupac Shakur with both middle fingers aimed squarely at the camera to the late Eazy-E with the American flag overhead, the Cali-born photog has ingrained himself in the genre’s golden years.

In his latest book Love West Coast Girls, which he published along with his wife Shannon, Miller offers his take on the venerable iconography of the women of the west. Like the Beach Boys’ famous song “I Wish They All Could Be California Girls” Miller captures an essence and mystique of the region that is beyond verbalization.

In celebration of the book, Miller has teamed up with Dax Gallery to present Love West Coast, an evolutionary display of the photog’s work from fashion to music to culture and everything that embodies California love. Miller will also be doing a meet and greet and book signing.

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